I Hate This Payless Commercial!

OK, sorry to be a hater, but I do hate this commercial for Payless ShoeSource. It depicts a mother and daughter returning from a shoe shopping binge trip and telling the dad and brother of the family all about it. Take a look at how the mother talks about all the shoes they bought — she comes off so shallow and immature, in both her lines and her delivery! Sorry, but couldn’t they write her role better than this, and couldn’t they have her speak more maturely? She’s a grown woman raising a family, yet talking like a 12-year-old girl who’s about to write in her glittery diary all about her pretty shoes! And I don’t mean she’s acting immature in a cool, “young at heart” way, but more in a vain, superficial way that I feel is an all-too-common, and unfair, depiction of women in the media. I mean, look at how the dad and brother look at each other, and then back at her; it’s like they’re thinking, “Ah, silly women! You know how they are…!” I’d rather the young daughter be the one to speak the way the mother does; when you’re young, you’ll say things and talk in ways you likely won’t when you’re older, and that’s totally fine. But the mom? Come on! Even if there are women out there like the one she portrays, does Payless really think that’s a way to draw shoppers in? Yes, insult your customers to bring in business. Good plan.

Anyway, enough with my rant. Here’s the commercial:

Update: take a look at this commentary on another bad commercial, as written about on the What The Eff? blog — it’s a well-done post with a great example of another advertising FAIL!



  1. I’ve never seen THAT ‘Payless’ commercial on TV before; but I have seen the one with that blond mother and her 2 little blond daughters, the mother brags about beings so cool for shopping at Payless for ‘Back to School’ shoes and saving a lot a money. While her 2 daughters keep on jumping up and down cheering; “OH YEAH, OH YEAH, OH YEAH, OH YEAH!!!!”, I hate those kids and I want to smack them! >: /

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